Ari DeSano

Highly skilled marketing professional with extensive experience in digital marketing, project management, and communication. Demonstrated expertise in managing websites, implementing marketing strategies, and driving brand growth. Strong problem-solving and written communication skills. Passionate about creating engaging user experiences and delivering impactful results.

What I Do

Website Management

Build, configure, and maintain websites to ensure optimal performance, functionality, and security. Project manage large-scale website platform migrations and redesigns.

Email Marketing

Design and develop email templates, ensuring a visually appealing and responsive design. A/B testing to refine email campaign strategies and improve performance. Design user journeys to improve user onboarding experiences.


Perform market research and create user personas to understand and define audiences. Generate wireframes and prototypes focussing on accessibility and responsiveness. Lead user testing sessions. Information architecture.


Audio, video, photo, and graphic production. Write and copy-edit for website, email, social media, and blog.